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First Episode Clinic

The First Episode Clinic provides intensive services to individuals experiencing initial psychotic symptoms. We treat individuals, age 16-45, who have developed a psychotic illness within the past 2 years. The First Episode Clinic goals are to clarify diagnosis and minimize symptoms. It is our mission to intervene in the early stages of mental illness as to prevent further deterioration of the disorder and aid the chances of successful recovery. The First Episode Clinic aims to provide the highest quality of care in order to improve social and occupational functioning, reduce symptoms, increase autonomy, and prevent hospitalization.

In the First Episode Clinic, our patients are cared for in a clinical program that is personal and individualized. Patients are seen by one of our board certified psychiatrists every week or two weeks. The First Episode Clinic therapists are well trained in diagnosis and interaction with first break patients. The treatment team works together with patients and family members to determine the diagnosis and establish treatment goals.

The First Episode Clinic strongly involves families and caregivers to become treatment process with support. Families and patients alike are educated on the nature and course of the illness. Optional group therapies are used to introduce social and occupational balance to a patient’s life. Additionally, pharmacological treatment can be administered supplemental to our therapeutic strategies. The First Episode clinic also offers 24-hour emergency on-call services. We do not charge fees for any of our clinical services. Transportation is provided as needed.

Contact: Beth Steger 410-402-6833