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Labs & Testing

MRS Core

The Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Core is led by Dr. Laura Rowland and includes Dr. Andrea Wijtenburg. Capabilities include proton MRS of body and brain with a strong focus on neurotransmitter concentration measurements including glutamate and GABA. The Core provides support and collaboration to investigators from MPRC, UMB departments, and other institutions for the development and implementation of spectroscopy protocols.

Biochemistry and Genetics Lab

The Biogenetics Lab is led by Dr. Ikwunga Wonodi as a joint operation between the Neuroimaging Research Program (NRP) and the Treatment Research Program (TRP). The lab processes genetics samples for research protocols, including DNA and RNA extraction, genotyping, and gene expression studies. The Lab also performs a broad range of biochemical assays to support clinical research for our programs.

Electrophysiology Lab

The ERP Lab has a 64 channel Neuroscan system, equipped with sound attenuation chamber and visual and auditory behavioral stimulation and response systems. Integrated ERP-eye movement and ERP-TMS systems are available.

Eye Movement Lab

The Eye Movement Lab has an EyelinkII eyetracking system. Another MR-Eyetracker (Cambridge Research) is available for eyetracking inside the scanner. The lab is equipped with sophisticated eye movement data analysis in-house software.


The TMS Lab has a Magstim Bistim TMS system, a Magstim rapid2 rTMS system, and a Brainsight brain navigation system. The TMS systems are equipped with integrated TMS-ERP-behavior recording capability.

Imaging Center

The University of Maryland Center for Brain Imaging Research has a research-dedicated 3T Siemens TIM Trio MRI scanner with 12 and 32 channel head coils, and a 12-channel whole-body coil. The scanner is equipped with high-performance gradients, coils and fast data acquisition system for fast imaging. A mock scanner with identical-looking head coils is available. A Dell R715 server cluster with 200 cores, 512GB RAM, 48TB storage capacity is dedicated for imaging data computation and storage.